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ISVG Background

ISVG was formed spontaneously at the beginning of 2020 when adult scout leaders and guides from different countries and organizations who stayed at home during the Covid-19 pandemic communicated with each other on social media. 

The conversations between trained Scout Leaders from 7 countries led to the formation of ISVG; Dr. Dikpal Keshari Baidya from Canada, Dr. Vinutthaput Popet from Thailand, Mr. Raul Hernandez from the USA, Ms. Vida Kotarac from Serbia, Mr. Mounir Chaoui from Tunisia, Mr. Ashraf Osman Nsr from Egypt, and Mr. Shige Takahashi from Japan.


They shared their scouting knowledge and experiences with each other that later turned into regular online conferences, training on subjects of interest to scouting, and in a short time, with the participation of many different countries, the movement reached thousands of Scouters.


Upon the request of the participants, it was institutionalized as an international scoutmaster organization based in Toronto, Canada in January 2021.

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Corporate Motto: "Learn for Life, Teach for World Scouting"

Corporate Password: "Simply Scouting"

Corporate Signal: "Go Forward!"


Challenging and promoting scout volunteers to become agents of change in their local communities, nationally and internationally based on the Scout Oath and Laws.


ISVG is founded on the principles of Scouting identified by the founder of the scout movement, Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell which are also known as the core values of Scouting; Respect, Care, Integrity, Believe and Cooperation. 


Scouts should serve their God, act in consideration of the needs of others to develop and use their abilities for the betterment of themselves and their families and the community in which they live in.


These principles define our Scout Oath represented as a Code of Conduct which characterizes all members of the Scouting movement and are referred to as Duty to God, Duty to Others, and Duty to Self.


ISVG's purpose aligns with the Scouting principles to encourage the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development of young people and scout leader so that they take a constructive place in the society as responsible citizens, and as members of their local, national and international communities.


ISVG is posed to provide the necessary online training to enable Scout leaders and mentors all over the world to become well-trained Scout leaders with a plan to open an International Open Scouting University with the support of Universities from different countries. ISVG studies continue in line with these goals.  



 1. To have an increasing scouts, scout leaders membership which reflects the world’s social and cultural mix.

 2. To have the community recognize, support, and value the role of Scouting and its activities.    

 3. Promote Scouting to the ISVG member’s community.                                                  

 4. Provide opportunities for ISVG members participation in international activities; and support the development of World Scouting                                                                                          

 5. Provide opportunities to pursue scouting as a lifelong education by conducting online courses to help unit leaders bring better scouting to the section they lead.                                                             

 6. Inculcate a strong sense of social responsibility and volunteerism.

  ISVG Principles:

  • ISVG membership is individual; Legal entities or businesses are not accepted for membership.

  • ISVG members must be +18 years old and a natural person with a Scout Leadership Certificate.

  • ISVG members are lifelong loyalists to the Scout Oath and the Scout Laws.

  • ISVG members live with the honor and courage of scouting at every stage of their life, highlighting this in their attitudes and behaviors. 

  • Scouting is a voluntary activity and scoutmasters are entirely voluntary.

  • Scouting knowledge and experience cannot be used for financial gains including at all levels of management.

  • ISVG members accept Scouting as a philosophy of life and carry on the Scouting Spirit.

  • Scoutmasters continue to be actively involved with the scouting organizations they are affiliated with.

  • ISVG activities do not discriminate based on language, religion, sect, race, nationality, gender, or the likes.

  • ISVG members are brothers and sisters to each other in accordance with the universal scouts' fraternity.

  • Scouters continue to learn for life. 

  • Scoutmasters accept it as their own duty to transfer their knowledge and experience to each other and to help each other in every way.

  • Scouters, with the knowledge and experience they have gained from each other, ensure that the scouting carried out in different National Scouting Organizations is similar, converged, and standardized.

  • All activities are carried out in accordance with the Scout Method and Patrol System.

  • ISVG members are appointed on merit. Recruitment is voluntary, but no member undertakes a task that he cannot or will not do.

  • ISVG members do their best to succeed.

  • Scout leaders shall respect social, moral values ​​and laws.

  • Scouters are open and honest with each other in their words and actions.

  • ISVG is an innovative and progressive organization that uses contemporary instruments of science, technology, education, modern art, and popular culture, as well as Scout traditions and culture.

  • ISVG members are tolerant and act with common sense.

  • ISVG members do not talk or discuss religion or politics nor take sides in disputes between religions and states, they do not express their opinions.

  • ISVG members are in favor of nature, a clean environment, and the fundamental right to life of all living things, everywhere and under all circumstances.

  • ISVG is a completely independent organization from governments and existing World Scout Organizations, it conducts its activities under its own flag and name.

  • ISVG's organizational structure is unique, operates under its own charter, does not accept pressure or imposition from outside of ISVG.

  • ISVG directors and members adhere to the universally accepted scouting principles in all situations and circumstances and make and implement decisions in accordance with universal law and justice.

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